Katharina Höhne  Rethinking businesses towards a strengths-oriented corporate culture in which everyone is responsible for their own work. This is the core of my professional effort and the central theme of my career path. I began in management consulting, where I supported employees and leaders in questions of motivation, self-efficacy and cooperation. I have continued this work since my qualification as trainer and facilitator. First as a project manager, later as a managing partner and now as a freelancer in my own company.

Again and again I notice that it is often the company structures themselves which prevent employees from fully utilizing their potential. That is why sustainable corporate transformation is my passion.

I am very excited about the possiblities of the inFraRot program. It will strengthen your decision-making abilities and provide you with new perspectives and approaches. You will be able to more clearly visualize the transformation of your organization and you will have the opportunity to gain insights about your own narrative.


I was born in Halle / S. and grew up in Schleswig-Holstein. Now Berlin continues to inspire me again and again.