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The importance of communication for business development

As an entrepreneur, it is your job to move your company forward. You want your company to be successful and prosperous and to develop with high turnover and even more EBIT. You are certainly aware that digitalization offers you opportunities, but also risks, and that not everything has been exhausted yet. So now you’re taking care of the digital change and designing a well thought-out plan for change management. You think of everything. If A does this and B does that, C will happen. Everything is planned through in a structured manner, IT is briefed, and now finally: the roll-out.

The Bells and whistles of team development

In teams, after reorganizations or other major changes, the sense of “we” is often lost, and communication suffers. In “corona times” and increasingly virtual collaboration with teams distributed across different locations or home offices, collaboration has not become easier either. Some employees have never even seen each other in “real life.” Managers are now required to work with their teams. Often, they consider take only the “hard facts”. Team actions that are fun are often not taken seriously.
But how can you trust someone you only know from work as a colleague? Someone with whom you have never laughed? How to value someone fully if their strengths are not visible? How to foster their potential in the best possible way?

Is my company sick?

How do you recognize a sick person? Pale skin, dull eyes. The sick person is preoccupied only with himself/herself. Loud wailing or silence. The strength is fading. Everything seems to be fighting against each other from within or has resigned. Perception of symptoms, pain, but often unclear cause. There is little communication and if there is, talking about the pain. The entire body is vulnerable and powerless.

An ill person is not very attractive to others. People intuitively keep their distance so as not to become infected, not to have to endure the wailing and the sad sight.